Europas größte Fachmesse
für Haarersatz

Ticket prices


The single tickets include the entry to the trade fair, visit to all the exhibitors and their workshops, the all-day coffee break in foyer with coffee, tea, sweet and savoury snacks, fruits, yogurt and TWO conference beverages.









Day ticket/s for Sunday p. P.

 € 59


 advance booking



€ 65 at the pay-desk

Day ticket/s for Monday p. P.

 € 40


 advance booking



€ 46 at the pay-desk

Combo tickets for both days p. P.

 € 89


 advance booking



€ 95 at the pay-desk


GROUP TICKETS (for companies, 4 or more persons):
Available only in case of advance booking!

Sunday p. P.   € 53
Monday p. P.  € 37
Combo tickets for both days   € 78


 Please note:
The advance bookings are accepted till Friday, 20th March 2019.
• At the pay-desk of Hotel Esperanto, EC-cash payment is possible.(no credit card!)

• No dogs allowed!
• BVZ-members can pay their tickets at 100% with the bonus points. (Till 29th February 2020)